The Home

Kew Gardens BandB is a boutique and luxury place to stay, housed within the top two floors of a rare Victorian building. It is nestled in a quiet street a mere two-minute walk away from the picturesque Kew Garden Village, shops, cafes and restaurants and a station with Underground and Overground links to destinations all around London.

We are an individual and personally run BandB. We hope your experience is the joy of a comfortable bed, an enviable location, a luxurious bathroom and excellent service.

We wouldn’t dream of asking you to trust our own self-appointed words and therefore we don’t self-vet. Our endorsements come from one of the most reputable British agencies – Alastair Sawdays. We have enjoyed working with Sawday’s for over four years and understand that their clientele possess a taste for the finer things in life and trust the Sawday’s brand. Just like friendship is only possible between like-minded individuals, our guests often become our friends because they find that we are in agreement on many counts. Kew is an upcoming London destination that we have helped to emerge! Please feel free to read their words about us below.